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Providing excellent service since 1996

Our Mission

We are oriented towards a quality direction in fuel solutions, to have as a mission, to be the most competitive supplier in the region.

  • Make a relevant difference in our business and always oriented to the service of the human being.
  • Offer a quality service, focused on the consumer and their needs.
  • Be reliable, professional and highly competitive.

Our Vision

Constant development and continuous, skillful and assertive innovation of doing business where the energy and spirit of service of the members of our company contribute to the effectiveness of our product.

  • Work environment where our people offer service to more people to excel.
  • Offer a quality service, focused on the consumer and their needs.
  • Educate our employees to be citizens who make a difference to contribute to the livelihood of families and their communities.

Our clients

Thousands of satisfield clients across 30 locations

"In CargoGas group, they have no failures, and the machine gives you exactly what it should be. "

Miguel SIfuentes Ávila


 "Gasoline lasts me longer since I charge at CargoGas, apart I get cheaper."

Eduardo Vázquez


"Gasoline is cheaper."

David Fierro


" Thanks to Grupo CargoGas for being aware of the publications in social media ."

Ulises Piña de Santiago


" Grateful for the quality of gasoline and the service of dispatchers. I like personalized attention: they made the credit tailored to my company. ”


Correo electrónico

 "I recommend their customer service, it is very good in the amistad station."

Rosa Molina


" Grupo CargoGas, keeps prices from before the end of the year, their prices are stable and lower."

Miguel SIfuentes Ávila


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Corporativo Torreón
Torreón-Matamoros 9200
Torreón, Coahuila
Teléfono: (871) 733 6949

Corporativo Saltillo
Calle Lago San Patricio 531
Colonia San Agustín
Saltillo, Coahuila, 25215
Teléfono: (844) 136 0801 -02

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